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oh, the things i do

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let me just say that i’m not crazy. i do however, get rather rabid around certain things and  just won’t let go. dog with a bone. lately it is recycling foodscraps in particular. my building is supposed to be participating in this program and have a bin out behind my building, but for some reason they won’t do it. the management company that runs my little 3 story walkup are already paying for it, so i don’t know what the reasoning is behind it.

it just sort of happened. one day i was cooking and had chopped up some veggies and i simply balked at throwing them in the garbage. next thing i knew i had pulled out a plastic container with a screwtop lid on it and started putting my compostables into it. when that was full, i got a freezer bag with a double zip and started filling that up. i have no idea how far this is going to go. it certainly is messing whatever aesthetic there is in my kitchen. it sits on my other recycling bin looking completely out of place.


so now they need a place to go. i have been scoping out the neighbourhood for a bin. i know a friend has one not too far away, and i asked him to lend me the container since he chooses not to recycle his foodscraps and it’s not in use. he deems that it would be too stinky an undertaking. i’m more of the mind that he’s lazy, but it is his perogative.

this is mine, so i keep looking. it doesn’t matter where i go, there is the clear reality that i will be toting stinky containers around with me once they are empty, so this is why i’m looking for one closer. point is, i’m becoming incredibly principled around this. and steadfast. it’s something that happens to me. sometimes it works out in my favour, but more often than not it blows up in my face, or in this case, possibly stinks up my small living space to no end.

there’s a part of me that reckons that if i hold out long enough, bug the city to bug the management company, maybe i’ll will out and they’ll put that g.d. bin out there and i can simplify the situation. i’d rather not trek my food waste around the neighbourhood to surreptitiously dispose of it under the cover of darkness, or boldly in the harsh light of day, proudly, i might add.

i wish i were this determined when it came to exercise or other parts of my life i seek to change, but right now, this is it.

reduce, reuse, recycle please

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when i tossed out my garbage today i noticed a green drop-leaf table monopolizing the dumpster space. it could be that one of the legs is broken or a hinge doesn't work, but even so, it's life is not necessarily over. someone could use it, or a piece of it. the chunks of lumber that make up that table should not be toted off
to clutter up a local landfill. all it could need is a coat of new
paint and a bit of tlc, but jamming it into the bin almost ensures its fate to end up as garbage.

there are forums for passing unwanted items along, but it takes a little dedication and effort. just a little, first thing someone could do is list it on craigslist for free. only thing a person would have to shell out is a little time to be available so the saviour of your unwanted stuff can tote it away. the freecycle network is making its voice heard and has chapters in every community. at the very least it could be left beside the dumpster to give it a chance at a new life. back in the day, in my old apartment on robson street, the rougement, unwanted items were left tidily in an alcove bench in the lobby. after a certain amount of time if they weren't claimed, they were moved out by the dumpster.

people don't want to make the effort, or worse, they simply don't care. this sort of arbitrary disposal of items large and small is symptomatic of a larger issue. there's no thought about the big picture. our society has become disposable in every way. and in the pursuit of the latest and greatest fed by companies that feed it, even perfectly good stuff gets tossed. i admit i am seduced by shiny and new things, particularly techie toys, but i've also toted my fair share of stuff to the local sally ann; dropped off old glasses at optical stores and done the same with toner cartridges. i even attended a party where the price of admission was just an old cell phone. but it takes dedication.

anything is better than nothing at all. and that could be said for any effort for the greater good.

the bin is back

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through my efforts the new mixed container recycle bin has been deposited at our building. it wasn't a herculean effort. it just had to be done and required a little followthrough. i wrote a letter to the city who forwarded my message to waste management, who called me, whom i called back. simple as that.

what is interesting though, is to bear witness to how some people recycle. the other day when i came out of the building with my bag of mixed containers  to recycle, i happened across someone who was looking in the bins. thinking that it was a binner, i stood back and just let her go about her business. after she had looked in all three bins, including what turned out to be the completely empty mixed container bin, she chucked all her containers in the newsprint bin. it was then that i realized that it was a resident of my building. her whole m.o. baffled me. afterall, if she wasn't able to read the label of the bin, she had the graphic depiction to tell her which bin it was. still, she decided she was going to follow the lead of someone else who had deposited their recycling in the wrong bin instead of making an informed decision. 

in some respects, i really don't care what anybody else in the building does, as long as i have access to recycling. although, i don't understand why people wouldn't make an effort, and take more care when they do.

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