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nostalgia, real estate and a touch of exercise

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it's funny what you will watch when there seems to be nothing else available. lately i've been revisiting magnum pi and rockford files. that's my 12-2 block. it's cheese and nostalgia and good old fashioned values. besides, there's only so much of the scouring of the internet for unicorns that
can be done. i've had it up to "here" with it. especially since so many
employers seem to be so non-responsive. they are probably inundated
with rocket scientists who are making career changes to administrative
assistants to pay the bills. or so it would seem.

i had taken to watching a lot of channel 29, with the property virgins and home hunters and such, but of late i've found it depressing. (and i am working hard to stay on the sunny side of things.) i doubt i'll ever own a house. at least in vancouver. the cost of getting into a crummy house in vancouver is almost double what it costs to buy an immaculate little semi-detached in a nice neighbourhood in toronto. oh the irony. so it goes, i always say.

today instead of channel surfing to the verge of nauseousness,  i pulled out my wii fit and got a little action in. it really bugs me that you have to spend more time on the thing to get all the moves and exercises available to you, but i guess it encourages consistent participation. according to the wii i am at once a yoga master, a yoga novice, a body builder, and have no balance. it is intriguing to say the least.  i do get caught up in some of the what i consider to be sillier exercises, like the hula hoop and some of the other balance exercises. i reckon as long as i don't fall down when i am walking, my balance seems to be functioning OK, but they've got a whole bunch of ridiculous exercises dedicated to the pursuit of better balance. i spent 10 minutes on the exercise where the objective is not to allow your bubble to be burst while navigating down a stream. not nearly as easy as it seems. my best was 595 yards. i spent the next 7 minutes or so trying to get further. then it lost it's novelty. tomorrow i'll try something else in the dvd collection. i've got a belly and butt that require some serious work to be presentable by summer.

26, 27 and 28

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The other day i posted a note on Facebook titled 25 notes about me. it's one of those tell your friends about you and get to know your friends, chain letter sort of thing. i've already thought of a couple things about myself that i didn't include that are more important than some of the items i did, but isn't that always the way. when pressed into service, to consider ourselves, and the positive traits we possess we tend to overlook some of our core values. at least i do. and what i didn't mention is that i am:

26. polite to a fault
27. make it a point of greeting any person i may encounter and please and thank you when being served.
28. fond of chocolate, but really a licorice fanatic, in almost any form, but my favourite is black. and as a child i developed a taste for dutch salt licorice. my grandparents would go to the netherlands every year and bring bag tinfuls, which i would gladly offer to childhood mates, but it was always declined.

i could probably well go on with another 25 things about myself that are more key than the ones in that original note. i've read several of those compiled by my friends and everyone discloses a different level of intimate tidbits about themselves. it's interesting to discover aspects of people we know casually and otherwise that we had know clue about. it can be surprising sometimes, and it gives us a new dimension and sometimes a new appreciation for those we care about. 10 years ago i didn't know most of these incredible people i've forged great friendships with and i wouldn't have dared disclose anything about myself. my life has been enriched greatly through having these people in my life and at the same time i have grown.

the exercise has been valuable in taking stock of my personal inventory, and i realize i'm not doing so bad. scratch that, i'm pretty damn great.

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