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tussles with tech

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imac circa……old

Right now I am having a lot of problems with my iPhone. Well the problem doesn’t really lie with the chunk of hardware itself, rather it is this whole iCloud library and iCloud music business.

I pride myself on being able to figure out these issues with some troubleshooting and patience, but this has me clenching my teeth and making me want to go android. Seriously. It feels like every day I need to search the vast www for something resembling an answer and all that happens is that I trip over endless irrelevant forums. I don’t want forums. I’ll tell you why. It seems these are just places where every one tosses their opinions into the ring, sometimes stooping to insult the asker of the question. A quick trip over to the official Apple page of that subject provides a pithy short and rather obvious solution that really doesn’t answer the question.

The iCloud thing is really baffling and frustrating me. I delete a photo, it pops up somewhere else. Over and over again. I want a photo and it disappears. In populating my iTunes (again, because it completely crapped out), I couldn’t add my own music from CD’s I’d purchased and not only that it seemed I wasn’t allowed to add some music I’ld purchased from iTunes! I got a message saying something like “the itunes music could not be added to iPhone 5c”. Huh? So I went searching for an answer. Needless to say, I am trying to figure it out on my own. I already painstakingly went through all my music and added the appropriate genre and created smartlists. That took two days. Somewhere in the midst of that I thought my computer was toast, and I had to bring it back from the brink. This happening after a recent update. Now, unfortunately I may have to restore my phone, because of course I am having syncing issues and that is the only suggestion that really makes sense to me. It’s not really a big deal but it is an annoyance, and I’ll have to reinstall apps and arrange them the way I like and so on.

I have spent the equivalent of weeks on various and sundry problems. I’m okay with that because it seems that’s part and parcel of technology. I’ve always accepted that as part of the package, but right now it just seems it’s a constant. Will it be better if I get the iPhone 6 or will that present its own set of problems. I guess we’ll see.

some starbucks contemplation

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it's cool out today. the weather is beginning to turn. i had to dig out a sweater for the short stroll down to starbucks for coffee because there is none in the house. it might seem extravagant, but the indulgence has been whittled down a weekly instead of a daily ritual. and it doesn't have that wicked feel of spending when the funds are simply deducted from my pretty little coffee card.  the budget is $25 for 4-6 weeks. when it hits zero i contemplate seriously whether or not to refill it or not. i let some time pass and then i feed it again, right around the time i crave a good grande half full americano.

it is nice to be out of the house. i'm sitting at the sbux in a window seat that sidles the sidewalk, warmed by the late morning sun through the window. there's the hum and buzz of conversations around me and unmistakable hissshhhh of the steaming of milk. i write this remotely thanks to shaun's crappy pc, since my portable beauty has essentially been rendered a desktop not so long ago.  i'm finally making use of a bell hotspot courtesy of that coffee card i carry around in my wallet.

(oh i'd love to replace my beloved with a shiny new beloved. that was the suggestion to cure my woes. if i could grow money on a whim like that i would be hitting the cyber-pavement every day in search of a job.  the problem was supposedly of my own making–a spill–but i don't recall spilling anything on it. bijou, what is it you do in the night, you frisky little feline? the investment of $500 into it in the summer simply made it so the cord into the machine charged it up, but now it doesn't even do that anymore. i can think of a lot of things could have done with that $500. oh well. )

i've scanned the classifieds and updated my facebook status, since i've come out of hiding. not officially. don't tell anyone, but i am somewhat ready to rejoin the living again. tentatively.

and now introducing…….a problem

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my macbook has been making ominous sounding noises for awhile now. reminiscent of a playing card passing by bicycle spokes. round and round. tick-a, tick-a, tick-a, tick-a.  it begins the protest not long after i boot it up and gets progressively worse as i set to my emailing, FBing and surfing. could fry an egg on the thing. i confessed that i sometimes have the thing on my lap. he shot me that look of disappointment. i oughta know better. i quickly qualified my statement by saying i knew that it wasn't a laptop, but a portable computer. it helps to know a bit of the lingo. but seriously, who isn't tempted to rest any one of these on their lap?

i've been putting it off as long possible, since my current necessary austerity forces me to, but when my charger went or its ability to charge i decided to get a genius to look at it. i already pretty much knew that i was going to have to replace the charger, having tried every sort of "fix" i could find that might remedy the situation. in his opinion i need to spend about $250 (most of the cost being labour). i asked him "so what if this part gets replaced but i still have the same problem?". his answer didn't reassure: "well then the problem is probably much worse–the logic board–and it might not be worth repairing…..". hmmm, if you ask me, no one computer component should cost more than the original computer itself. perhaps it is intentional and by design, who knows. it did occur to me that had i gotten that apple extended warranty i could have had the repair done under warranty and every time i think about it i cringe. stupid stupid. i missed insuring it by a day. a day! the lesson i've learned: don't wait, budget for the extra few hundred dollars at time of purchase, save yourself a world o' heartache and money. 

i wonder, did my computer noticing me covet the new sexy green offering by apple? don't laugh. i swear technology senses our flagging loyalty as well as any person does. i remember when i carried around a palm; long before the iPhone and the blackberry i saw the new model come out and drooled over the prospect of the newest offering to come over the horizon and almost on cue, my palm started to hiccup and belch and i spent countless hours assuaging the device, reinstalling and recovering data. 

having said that though, as technology goes, i count myself really lucky. i think i've got some fairly good technology karma.  i've read message boards where people have had huge problems getting their computers, peripherals and doodads to run, much less perform for any amount of time. the timing of this particular problem, however, is terrible.

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