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Dinner tonight

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Yummy Classic Pea Soup.

Found the recipe in Canadian Living online through a bing browse. Since I've been the one at home. Keeping the home fires burning, I've been doing a lot of home cookin'. Some meals are better than others. Some turn out mouthwatering deliciously good and some turn out just plain awful. Back in the day when I cooked full time for awhile, I had a whole file of recipes, and an undiscerning palate to cook for that would accept anything as long as it was edible. Of course, my definition and his definition of edible were two different things. Now, having come full circle, it seems, in my ill-equipped kitchen with its malfunctioning stove and serious lack of counter space, I am a lot less inspired that I used to be, but no less ambitious embarking on meandering recipes into uncharted territory with results that are not guaranteed. I can easily say that when I was single I never went to such great efforts to produce a meal.

The man insisted on taking this silly picture of me with the fruits of my labour tonight. This is even before we tasted it. We both deemed it a pretty damn good soup.


galloway’s got it

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trust galloway's to have those silly mung beans i searched for high and low. not only that there's so much more. i've walked past the modest little shop a few times and made as many mental notes to go inside some time. the first time i noticed it i was awash with a with a mixture of surprise and elation. a lot of these small one-offs have been forced to make way for mammoth "super stores", which i often don't find so whoop-de-doo-super in their selection. oh sure, there's a bulk food section in the save-on foods just down the way, but it is decidedly safe and middle of the road, and doesn't dabble in exotics like….mung beans. 

i walked through the door like i was  revisiting the home of an old but not so familiar friend. i revelled in the offerings i discovered in the narrow aisles. i smile and scan the shelves in the diminutive store, looking for nothing in particular, drinking in what i see. they are packed with all manner of everything a person could ever want, bulk, dried and otherwise.  the selection of legumes at the end of my reach on the top shelf is vast. the term dizzying array comes to mind. so overwhelmed am i when presented with the plethora of unusual and inexpensive i buy a lot more than just the humble mung beans. i pack my shopping bag and leave with my bounty, feeling immensely satisfied.

later, when i proudly unpack my finds i think to myself i was so giddy in the discovery of the lowly legume, i chose wrong one. i got green, the recipe calls for yellow. is there a difference? i don't know. i surfed looking for an answer. still unclear. no definitive answer. i surrender to the notion that this is something i will not know without some dedicated research. and what of it. let's just give it a whirl with the green and hope for a happy accident.

assertiveness is good for the soul

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i just discovered a comment on a fairly recent post of mine. colleen i am so in, however slow on the uptake. funny with even this much time on my hand i am letting things go by. all in a day's not working.

still in holiday mode and flying solo i went to a local for dinner and to cry into a martini. it's just that special time of the month and that's what i do. could be suffering a bit from holiday withdrawal.

i ordered a steak sandwich and had a bit of a debate with the server as to how to have it done. from experience i know that it is better to err on the underdone to avoid the almost inevitable overcooking. so of course when it arrived a few shades darker and tougher than it should have been i was not all that amused. the server who had so graciously served me had vaporized and a new one had materialized in her place.  she had offered to have it redone, but i'd lost my appetite by then so she took it away. when she presented me with my bill i told her i was not going to pay for the meal. i said to her that it clearly stated on my bill how it was to be done and it wasn't done that way. she pulled a bit of a face and told me that eaten food couldn't be refunded. i replied that i had eaten two bites of it, and she saw it because she had taken it away. the manager agreed and the offending meal was removed from my bill. now the reason i feel vindicated is because i have paid for untold many a bad dinner and even tipped for the insult. i guess i've hit the wall, finally. should have had the chicken or just stuck to the martinis. they were marvy.


farewell tipper, for now

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we had both agreed that before we leave the old neighbourhood we would have one last dinner for awhile at the tipper. colin was his usual affable self.  the food, as usual, was spot on. we've visited several times for brunch and any other excuse we could find to visit. it's a little out of the way at victoria and kingsway, but well worth the trip. we promise ourselves that we'll make the trip back.

we found this gem thanks to desk clerk rob at the days inn across the street. we were eager for an excuse to get out of the dreary and shabby room that was ours for the night. mcdonald's would have sufficed, but we preferred something a bit more upmarket. the tipper was the first place we shared a meal at upon our arrival vancouver. for me it was my first night back; for shaun, his first night ever. a lot of firsts and fond memories. colin is a pioneer in the neighbourhood, not the best area of the city. one of those up and coming areas.  he is patiently biding his time, and garnering a loyal following of which we are two. as is deserved. you should go there. say hello for shaun and i.

on this visit i notice colin has an immaculate and gleaming ebike parked in the window of his restaurant. out of curiosity i ask about it–thinking it a raffle item or some such–and he tells me it for sale. it's his and no longer practical for his needs. of course i want it but i am in no position to consider owning it. everything is out of my reach financially these days. it's what's lending that extra tang of disappointment into my so-called new life.

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