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i’m reading other people’s blogs searching for inspiration. however, i discovered that if i kept on doing that my post would have a decidedly derivative feel. it’s just that i’m not feeling imaginative enough to offer up something really clever. some wordplay that dazzles would be welcome, but i got none.

none at all.

could it be because i am typing with a scarf around my neck wearing an extra layer of clothing to keep the winter at bay? my fingers turning blue? it seemed to me that the heating in our apartment seemed to be more effectively heating the room when we didn’t want heat. when we desperately sought cool, but couldn’t get it. that’s when all we got was more heat pushing out of the ancient baseboards.

could it be because the strains of the commentary of a cfl game are pushing into my sound cancelling earphones; because i didn’t open itunes or open up a video? haven’t gotten a roundtuit.

i’ve just diverted my typepad blog offerings into this blog account. because it’s free. because in the name of extreme austerity i’ve decided i can’t afford a blog into which i seldom throw down blog posts. that blog only costs between 4 and 6 euros; whatever the current exchange rate against the canadian dollar might currently be. it’s not costing me much, especially as powerful the loonie is right now. however, my current earning power is shit and i am forced to close down the factory over at typepad. temporarily.

i’m not css, customize-it-yourself savvy enough  nor am i initiated enough to force yet more technical know-how into my head to make this one as sexy as that one. well, i think sexy is overstating it. mostly it’s just cluttered with widgets and random crap i tossed in there along the sidebars just because i could. because i like shiny, pretty things. however, that said, i like the clean lines of the template i chose.

my massive fan base will have to follow the bread crumbs to find me over here. lol indeed.


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a practical dreamer, a wanna be artist, a dabbler in writing, photography and whatever other shiny thing catches my fancy

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