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pet peeve about people and their pets

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i'm coming home from the store and cut across the park as i often do. as soon as i enter the park a little dog playing fetch with a couple there starts yapping at me. he's got to be a hundred yards away. i get it, he thinks he owns the park. the man admonishes him a little and the dog shuts up, for a few seconds. but as i near them and the dog becomes ridiculously excited and torn between the ball and harassing me, but i'm going home so i continue walking.

what does this guy do? he throws the ball essentially in my path, so that when i arrive there the anklebiter's dilemma is whether to bark or to fetch. he opts for dancing around me, all swagger and blustery barking. i ignore him for a step or two, then i tell him to bugger off. i'd use more aggressive body language, but i'm weighed down by groceries. but he's as belligerent his owner is thick and ignores the insipid calls. i turn to look at the couple who are essentially doing nothing. again the man finally weakly, calls his dog. dog ignores him. i'm losing my patience. i want to kick it away from me, but it's not his fault he's got doltish owners who are doing nothing about his bad behaviour. it's not my job to correct it.

the woman shrugs her shoulder and mouths something like…"he ….blahblah…. his ball…." the whole park and the guy has to throw it in the narrow triangle of the park that intersects with my path. cow. my suspicious nature tells me the toss was by design. this guy likes to feed into his little dog's big dog fantasy.  as a child i was bitten by a dog like him and trust him less–especially since he's running his mouth–than the average pitbull. but i pretend that the owner naively just really didn't know better. he probably leaves the animal's shit behind, believing it to be sorted out by the grass and poop gods.

the moral of the story. keep your dog in check. just because you love your fido doesn't mean everyone else does. some people are afraid, allergic or simply don't want your dog jumping on them; licking them, sniffing their nether regions, or threatening to bite them. it's just downright impolite. it just so happens i really like dogs, but not this one.


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