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it's one of those sundays, well one of those days in general. it could be transient and the sunshine that pushes at the windows is fleeting. i'm on my third cup of coffee and watching an ancient movie out of curiosity that i didn't even know existed until david duchovny mentioned it on ellen the other day. it's called the tv set. i'm undecided. i've only watched a few minutes of running time.

is it bad, is it good? i really don't know. is it interesting….mmmm? it's one of those movies that supposedly shines a mirror back on itself, giving an "insider's view". in the case of this it is of an industry built on artifice, tv. really, i should be getting out into the day instead. this chunk of hollywood archeology that i dug up could be saved for a rainy day. i was really only curious to see if it downloaded properly, and it did, so really mission has been accomplished.


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