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no pain no gain

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this past week i picked up my ea sports active. i tell ya,  i got it in the nick of time. seriously i don't know entirely what happened to my body, but i have a pretty good idea, and i have to remedy it. i've been working out religiously following my "trainer" who encourages me and somehow between the nunchuk and the controller the system keeps tabs on my form. i found myself beaking off at the trainer, when it told me to do things again or hold position, just like i might protest with a real person. it's brilliant. i've only just scratched the surface with it and i can see it has loads to offer. it even incorporates the wii fit into some of the routines.

now the wii, i had tucked it away under the sofa and pretty much forgotten about it. i wasn't impressed with the graphics or how the exercises were set up to be "locked" in no particular rhyme or reason until one spent a certain amount of time on the thing to unlock them. for instance, in the strengthen portion some really difficult exercises were the ones you had to spend all the time on to gain access to more exercises, which i thought was ridiculous. afterall, how many sideways pushup planks would i need to do to get at the crunches. silly business. i only really liked the hula hoop which was part of the balance exercises, that and the slalom skiing, which just simply drove me crazy and i was determined to get down the bloody hill without knocking down every gate. i spent an inordinate amount of time at it and this just meant that i got more weird balance exercises unlocked but not the yoga or strength exercises.

this morning i didn't have access to the wii system with the man about so i did some yoga in the bedroom. i was never a yoga star, but i am beginning to see how far i fell and how much ground i need to cover before i get back to some modicum of where i was, which is disheartening in itself, but i remain undeterred. i do not want to arrive at my next birthday the in the shape i was for this one.

it's all about moderation. i know, duh, but aside from not exercising i wasn't paying attention and it doesn't take long for pounds to start piling themselves up on one's unsuspecting frame. having crested the big four-oh, however, with lazy metabolism and hormones working against me, the job is doubly difficult now. i am feeling most of my muscle groups today and i know i will for some time.

so up the steep hill i go.

age and time

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today while i waited at the bus stop and older woman and a young girl joined me waiting. the young girl came over and sat right beside me and chirped a cheery hello. then she told me she liked my phone. it was probably the purple and pinks of  the butterfly motif adornging its case that attracted her. she told me she was five and asked me how old i was, i thought about it and replied "a lot older than her". her grandmother bemusedly told the girl that women who are older don't like to be asked their age. i don't even know if she comprehend the age of me or her grandmother. i remember when i was young that the concept of double digit ages was a bit unfathomable. and most certainly very very old. ancient.

i've been noticing that about our new neighbourhood. people nod their heads and say hello as they pass, much in the way of the small town, and the area feels that way. e. columbia street is a stretch of roadway with no chain stores, small one off shops and the wide sidewalks of a small town's main street. this does leave a few challenges when shopping, but the convenience and feel of metropolis is only a short bus or skytrain ride away.

i didn't wait for the bus, it was going to take too long. i chose to walk down to the skytrain. that is the one drawback,  half hour bus service, but all it takes is a little cagey planning to get around that. i've programmed the stop numbers into my phone so i can avoid waiting in the elements by finding out when the next one comes from the comfort of home.

it’s like the sky is imploding with a crash and a bang

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i'm wondering if i'll ever get used to my neighbours upstairs oh they of heavy feet. and that awful thumping bass at all hour of day. then there's the audacity to vacuum early in the am. someone clearly doesn't get the concept of being neighbourly.

it's early days, though and maybe time will make it so the noise of their life upstairs will fall into the background. and one hopes i won't be in the house to hear a lot of it. today s. slammed the door in annoyance, maybe it sent a bit of a signal back about the whole you get what you give.

what was i thinking?

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you know you are getting old when…..or sometimes maybe a little confidence is too much confidence. or maybe–just bloody always wear your glasses!

down at the local there, they have karaoke on thursday nights and i am totally addicted. well, my addiction began long before i moved back to vancouver. i drag poor shaun there every opportunity i get. he wants to buy me a machine, but that might only partially cure me. i like the performance aspect, though the "stage" at the fireside is really just a bit of cleared floorspace near the big tv on which the lyrics roll by.

 i'd forgotten my glasses so i couldn't read any of the music listings and i don't know what my compulsion is, but i always like to try something new. i think it is time to go back to my old standards, because well, my experimentation of this past thursday proved a little embarassing. but no one was on their game, so i didn't feel so bad. of course like the fact that escapes you when you need it, the melody of eagles "desperado" which so eluded me came like a bolt out of blue after a little reflection of the 80's music catalogue in my head.

i soldiered through to the end with a giant groan in my head, though no one did that. that's the beauty of karaoke. despite what sort of destruction a person might wreak on a classic, everyone gets an ovation. it's encouragement to get up there and do it again. and i will. pride intact.

blow out the candles

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no wiser, no richer. that's where i'm at.

for my birthday the weather gods have summoned a standard issue grey day to serve as the backdrop.  the day isn't exactly opening its arms to welcome me with a soul
affirming embrace, and i don't run into it either, but i have places to
go. i gaze out upon it and ponder the progress i've made over the last year. it's not good. if anything, i've lost some ground. and i had worked so hard to get to that place.

i sigh, i've gone through it over and over again. doesn't matter how i spin it it doesn't get any easier to swallow. this time last year i was singing karaoke for the last time at crews tango surrounded by friends, got in three songs and made a night of it. and this time last year i was saying goodbye to my work buddies over the course of the weeks leading up to a going away party.  i had squealed like a wee girl in delight over the gift i had received–an iphone. the glow of optimism and new adventure flushing my cheeks. i was on my way here. 

now, after almost a year, i am deep in debt, and more than slightly disillusioned. it has definitely not been a banner year. quite the contrary, and it's not looking all that rosy going forward. no, not at all. how i do i possibly  ramp up and maintain the momentum again when there is so little reward?

i don't know what is on the agenda for this year and i can't say i care that much. i've been up since 6. i took my computer downtown for a reprise on the repair and had wandered around like someone looking for their lost puppy ever since. i imagine there'd be cake and drinks if i worked anywhere. anywhere…..

truth be told, if i could feasibly manage it, i would crawl under a rock and just stay there.

Sunny Saturday on Sapperton Landing

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the day was absolutely perfect. i threw on my big cotton sun hat and we strapped all the cameras on us to go for a walk along the waterfront path that starts from sapperton landing. we didn't realize the starting point was so close. we spent more time waiting for the bus longer than the trip itself. one stop. something to remember for next time.

the scene on the path is pastoral and quiet, virtually empty of people, giving us free rein with our cameras. along the way there are explanations of what has been done in the area. conservation and reclamation efforts somewhat mimic a sort of wetland area. small signs posted declare that the plants have been planted but they will be allowed to grow as they will. the trill of birdsong is in the air all around us. tall birdhouses are dotted throughout the tall grasses like erratic sentries. i notice that there are no pigeons or crows spoiling the scene. IMG_9353

the track tails out into railway tracks and we realize the description of the path leading all the way to new westminster quay means that the path ends. there is nowhere to walk but alongside the tracks and there is no sidewalk along the narrow road that runs alongside the railway tracks. we follow the tracks like a couple of hobos making our way to the next town, taking pictures along the way. i lose my sweater and have to double back. with my sling bag, camera bag and other paraphernalia, shaun says i look like a storm trooper or something.

a train does go by, but it passes on another set of tracks and passes over us, casting debris down onto us.

IMG_9367 we finally get to a gap where it is safe to cross the street, we do, and continue our walk along front street. we get to the other side and notice a big double locomotive firing up to head down the tracks we just came from, and laugh. it could have been interesting. us plastered against the fence waiting for the train to go by. the narrow passage wouldn't afford much more. it would have been an experience. the antique row shops are open and we hopscotch in and out, idly window shopping. we need a tv stand for the bedroom, and want it to match the waterfall style of the all the funky furniture we already have in there. it could be quite the undertaking. so far we've come up with nothing. it may have to involve power tools and re-purposing something else.

we end up at the paddlewheeler, which is pretty much the only half decent place to wet the whistle at the end of the road. the market has since been closed for good. just in time for our arrival to the area. it's something we found out the week before, much to our chagrin; extensive renovations. in a year or so the new westminster quay will have a new face. apparently it will rival granville island market. i'll be the judge of that. i can't wait.

home suite home?

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i'm reflecting on the current days past since we moved in. i still really don't feel like writing anything down. it's as if all my energy were sapped in the effort of moving here.

right now there is a gash in the wall at the ceiling. it was a water bubble that formed after the recent rains. they are coming to repair it today at some point. it's like waiting for the cable guy. who ever gets the guy at his first appointment of the day, i wonder because i never do.

there are tradeoffs when moving into any new space, but when you are a tenant and not an owner the compromises are that much greater. some you don't see when you eagerly (or reluctantly) sign on the dotted line. we are experiencing a spate of cons at the moment, some of them will pass and others we'll have to learn to live with.

our apartment is spacious and came with its own storage locker. shaun has managed a careful spatial choreography to get everything we can't accommodate in our living space. at the old place we would have had to pay for the privilege so our tiny den served as storage space albeit neatly arranged to look like an office and music room.

we are closer to downtown vancouver with just a single train ride taking us right downtown and the other route getting us to commercial drive faster and more reliably than the 20 bus ever did. where we are is fairly central to anywhere and everywhere and a definite plus.

we have a herd of wild elephants living above us (a child with astonishingly heavy feet who apparently doesn't get in enough running around time in the park across the street). we've done the old broom handle to the ceiling a few times. maybe with time it will become part of the background noise.

as part of the whole "crime free" mandate enforced and advertised on a lot of buildings, marijuana use is prohibited. we've already received the heavy handed reminder about the rules and regs, and it does make us shake our heads a bit. after all, how could it be conclusively proven. as part of the objective, there are supposed periodic suite inspections, which i will not submit to, even though i said i would. it is an invasion of privacy. period. end of story. i'm not going to go all mark emery since i don't even smoke pot or anything at all, but the whole notion bothers me. it is strange how otherwise law abiding citizens that partake now and again are lumped in with hardcore users and criminals.

there's no way the both of us grown adults can fit in the bathroom at the same time unless one of us is using the tub, but we solved the litter box problem. it now resides in the tub when no one is using it. fortunately, bijou doesn't mind getting her paws wet to use her box. smart one, our little girl.

so the wall just needs to be fixed so we can put the apartment back together again and start dressing it up. 12:30. whatever dude comes to do he's got to get it fixed in 4 and a half hours. hmmm….

best sports interview ever

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fresh from a spectacular crash that eliminated him as one of the favourites to win a motorcross event, the young man was followed off the track by an eager reporter who prefaced her question with a lot of superfluous preamble–no doubt for dramatic effect. when she finally got to the question of "what happened out there?" He answered simply simply "I crashed." brilliant! No beating about the bush with a bunch of meaningless drivel and rhetoric; the honesty as stunning as his impact.

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