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Daily Archives: April 30, 2009

getting to know the hood

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we thought there was a great little organic shop on our quaint little main drag, only to finally go in, needing groceries of some sort and finding it to be what amounted to nothing more than a bare bones kiosk with a small selection of organic meats, dairy and produce. twice we've been in there for the most necessary and have been the only people in there. it hardly inspires confidence and is hardly what i expected. i prefer to patronize and support a small business, but even with this in mind i am hardpressed to give them my business.

so today i made the uphill climb to the local choices i discovered nearby. it is a small but well stocked organic/greenie's dream. i had forgotten my list and used that as an excuse to slowly browse every aisle.  it was worth every minute the butt, leg and lung busting effort to get there.

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